Welcome to the ABC Learning Centerwill operate under the philosophy that every child is a unique individual and as such will focus on each child’s emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. The center will also strive to provide physical environment that is safe, clean and health oriented to children.


Open Door Policy:
We have an Open Door Policy in which all parents are welcome to visit their child anytime of the day. We urge you to volunteer in your child’s classroom as often as possible. You are very welcome here! Your children will benefit greatly from your participation. Some opportunities for you to volunteer include: going along on special activities or trips; helping with meals; making classroom materials; reading stories; speaking to the class about your special hobbies or interest; or donating material for arts projects or cooking activities, the dramatic play area, fun Friday, etc. (Please understand that paper work must first be completed and approved before volunteering.)

Attendance Policy:
For the benefit of your child, we ask you to sustain a regular pattern of attendance. In order to maintain a quality program with proper staffing, we ask that you notify the Director if your child will be absent or late (arriving after their regularly scheduled arrival time).

If you are receiving subsidy childcare from Early Learning Coalition or any other program and your child does not meet the agency’s attendance requirements, you will be responsible for the tuition charges not paid by the agency. (ELC excuses up to three unexcused absences per month with pay and the parent or guardian must pay all other unexcused absences or unpaid terminating fees.)

Late Pick Up Policy:
The center closes at 5:30 pm, we ask our parents to respect our employees and please pick-up their children by 5:30 pm. If you are going to be late, please be contact the center. There will be a late fee for late arrivals.

Mission Statement
At ABC Learning Center learning is
fun and exciting.

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New Year's Day
Monday, January 16th
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday, May 29th
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